Sorry I Was Late, I Didn’t Want To Come


Morning’s are tricky. I mean, most days when my alarm throws me out of my beauty sleep at 5:00 am, basically before the damn rooster even crows I find myself contemplating if I even need a job to begin with. Well, like most of you the answer is yes, mostly because I’ve created a dream wedding that is starting to give me actual anxiety as the bills roll in but hey, different story for a different day.

Now all of this could seriously be avoided if I went to bed at a decent hour. But, obviously I don’t because I would much rather binge watch Riverdale, paint my nails, pet my dog blah blah blah, anything rather than sleep. Which is great, because in the morning I end up looking like I had a fight with tequila and lost ( does anyone ever win a fight over tequila anyways? ). Lucky for us, there are always products that we can turn to that will suddenly transform us into semi-functioning humans! I don’t know about you, but I will try just about anything that will instantly make me look and feel fresher!

These five products are my go-to every morning! I promise you’ll FEEL more refreshed and recharged but maybe even LOOK it too!

Brighten Up Buttercup

836-shape-tape-contour-concealer-light-medium-DDB-main-img_MAINShop this Tarte Shape Tape Here

Secret’s Out!


Shop this Secret Brightening Powder Here

* trust me, buy it and you’ll get the hype!

Oil Up


                 Buy Farsali Unicorn Essence Here

* I’ve tried a few serums and this one is one of my faves. It leaves my skin soft, and plump and smelling so delicious!

Eyes, Eyes Baby


Shop this Lash Paradise Mascara Here

* Really digging this drug store mascara! My usual go to is Too Faced “Better than Sex” mascara but this is a good dupe! Mascara is a must, even one coat makes you appear more alert and awake.

Mist-ify Me


Buy this Facial Toner Mist Here

*I’m a big fan of facial mist. I  find it really helpful in maintaining my complexion and making me look more awake! I recently purchased this one from Winners, and I like It so far!

How do you fake being awake? Leave it in the comments below!




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