Seven Tips To Help Declutter Your Life

Hi Lovelies! Happy November! Time is just flying. Things are finally calming down a bit at home since Todd officially announced his retirement (check out my Instagram for that)! We’re busy getting into a new routine; doing a little bit of adjusting and diving HEAD FIRST into wedding planning! EEEK! We’re just over 10 months away which is absolutely nuts. We just met with our jeweller to have our wedding bands made, and engraved, of course 🙊💍 It’s really all so exciting.

Anyways, with the holidays right around the corner and 2018 coming in real real hot I thought it would be an appropriate time to reflect on the last 10 months. In January, my resolution was literally to stop entertaining negativity.  I really wanted to take a step back and become completely in tune with my emotions. I am by no means perfect, nor will I ever be. There were and still are times where I am impatient, rude and participate in the casual water cooler gossip.  I can, on most occasions rock a b*tch face like no other, although this is usually unintentional cause hey, I’m 28 and trying to keep those wrinkles at bay. So judge me, whatevs.

Nonetheless, I’ve spent the last 304 days trying to better myself, to grow and change. The stuff that used to bother me no longer does; I’m not really stressed and I’m generally pretty happy.

I mean, I obviously still have bad days, because I wouldn’t be human if I didn’t but overall I’m just here living a sweet sweet life. So, here are some tips that have helped me declutter:

1. Let Go of Sh!tty People:  Seriously, the ex-boyfriend who texts you at 2:00 am, the co-worker who complains all day, the “best friend” who is sooooooo busy she keeps cancelling plans all 190 times you’ve made them. Just let it go. Close that chapter and throw that book into the ocean like Rose did that diamond. I promise your new book will be 10 times better.

2. Clean Out Your Closet: I’m not talking about spring cleaning girlfriend, I’m talking about those jeans way in the back that you’re saving for when you loose “20 pounds”. Or that super cute blouse that looks so bomb but the arms are so tight that every time you wear it you end up walking around like a Mummy. Stick it in a bag, and get rid of it! Now don’t get me wrong, if you’re using a piece of clothing for legit motivation, then carry on and gettt itttttt girllllllll 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻

3.  Reduce Commitments: Learn to say no. Stop trying to please everyone. If you can’t afford to attend 5 weddings in a row, don’t. Want to spend your Friday night sitting on the couch with your dog watching Stranger Things 2? Then do it! Can’t take on one more project at work on top of the 10 you already have, then don’t. It’s okay to say no, it’s okay to ask for help. It’s okay to say: “sorry not right now”. You’re not a robot, you’re human.

4. Stop Explaining Yourself: Constantly waiting for approval drains your energy and blocks your creativity. Trust yourself to make the right decision. If you make a mistake, who the hell cares. Learn from it, grow from it. We have this constant need to want people to like us, well guess what sweet pea? You can be the ripest, juiciest peach in whole wide world and STILL you’ll find someone who hates peaches 🍑 [ ⬅️ my fave quote of all time]. Now, I’m not saying go steal a car and call it a “mistake”, this isn’t an open letter to criminals.

5.  Unsubscribe: I’m an avid shopper, especially online. I know we’re all guilty of subscribing to get that additional 30% off or my fave, FREE SHIPPING! But, your package came, months ago. If you haven’t shopped there since, maybe it’s time to unsubscribe? Not sure if it’s just me, but a clean inbox gives me allll the feels!

6.  Clean out your Make-up Bag:  Cleaning out your make-up bag is so liberating. I was hanging on to products that left me looking like a pumpkin straight from the patch. But if Jaclyn Hill used it then I must use it to. Right?! Wrong!  Sell it, return it, throw it out. I don’t care, but you and I both know all it’s doing is taking up valuable space. This includes that dried up nail polish. Sorry Lincoln Park After Dark, you gotta go 💅🏼

7. Breathe: Not everyday is going to be supercalifragilisticexpialidocious some days are going to legit suck. But before you start flipping someone the bird, punching your sterling wheel and screaming profanities because they cut you off, take a breath because your windows probably aren’t tinted and you look like a psychopath 💁🏻

I hope this post put a smile on your face even for a little while! Life is far to short to be serious all the time. Have any decluttering tips? I’d love to hear them. Share them below. Have a fab week! 🌷💋




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