Is It October Yet?

Here we are. October is just a few days away! Which means hockey season is upon us. This is usually where I lose my better half for about eight months give or take. You know, the whole long distance relationship thing? This year is just a little different.

You see, there is no doubt that I could watch that guy put on a uniform over and over again. Watch as he laces up his skates the same way every time. I could sit way up in the stands and still see that tough guy demeanour dance across his face as he tries not to laugh or smile. Or watch in awe as he interacts with young fans from opposing teams. I could even stand waiting outside the dressing room, usually forever, just me and the arena staff because he’s often the last one out. Truth is I can spend every single moment of every single day watching him do what he absolutely loves to do and I would be perfectly content with that. His happiness is always my happiness and that is how it will always stay.

But, change has a funny way of sneaking up behind you.  It’s inevitable. You can’t escape it. You get older, your body changes, it matures and eventually it just doesn’t bounce back like it used to. In hockey and in life, that is fact.

 Since I started dating Todd, the ‘hot’ Canadian months were consumed with harsh training, strict dieting, early bedtimes and NO alcohol. This summer was different, weird almost. Some may call it normal I guess, but for us it was adjusting. He was undecided if he would play another season of pro hockey. He wanted to pursue other options, start our life and although unlikely, find a place to settle down (FYI: still haven’t settled anywhere, still nomads LOL 😂) .

Although Todd has not officially retired from (minor) professional hockey, I trust that he will always make the right decision for him, for us, for our family one day. He has offers yes, options definitely. So, if he wants to pack up and ship out then that’s exactly what we’ll do. But, if he wants to hang them up then I support that too.

For Todd, hockey is like breathing, it’s crucial, necessary, second nature. So walking away from the game isn’t exactly easy. You don’t have to date a professional athlete to understand that part. I don’t know where this “season” will take us, but we pretty much live for the unknown. To me it doesn’t matter because home really is wherever your heart is ♥️

Our love story, our adventure is one we can’t wait to tell little Hosmer’s one day! All the ups and downs and uncertainties contributed to the people we are today. Both individually and together, as a team, our team. The Hosmer Clan.

Todd may not be throwing on a jersey in a few days but for right now, I still do spend a lot of my time in a rink. Lately, I’m watching him take on a new role, as COACH! Watching him shine in a different light, seeing kids look up to him and trust him makes my heart smile just as much (if not more) as those hat tricks he used to score. I honestly feel like we are all put on this earth for a purpose, and in my heart of hearts I feel like coaching could possibly be Todd’s. No seriously, you really need to see him behind the bench! He has some great mentors and I have a great support system (Hiiii Coach wives!). So who knows, maybe this is his calling, or maybe not. Or maybe he will lace up his skates for one last ride. Only time will tell I guess. Because one thing this hockey life has taught me, is that there is no guarantee, there is nothing for certain. Everyday is a new chance, a fresh fight to earn your spot and THAT 👇🏼 guy still has some fight left in him.

 I will always cheer you on number nineteen, on or off the ice, where ever our crazy life takes us! 











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