Hi, my name is Amanda and I’m addicted to coconut oil.
Years back I started using it to cook with, you know around the same time the entire universe did the same thing. I don’t know if it’s mind over matter , but I feel like its made a difference in my overall well-being. Not to mention, provide a daily dose of essential fats my body needs to thrive! Actually, I read that coconut oil aids in weight loss and gives your metabolism a boost, so that was pretty much the selling point for me! Pinterest has hundreds of uses for coconut oil, so I started getting recipes from there. Before I knew it things got really wild and I started using coconut oil for just about everything.


So, I thought why not share my addiction with everyone. That’s the first step in healing right? Admitting you have a problem.

Cooking: I’m almost certain you have attempted a dish or two using coconut oil as a substitute for something. I started small, using it to cook my eggs, and my chicken. Then I tried, brownies, muffins, cookies, protein bites, vegetables and popcorn. Now I can’t stop. This oil has a high smoke point which is great. I experiment with different meals. Most of the time it tastes delicious, and sometimes it tastes like crap. That’s just the way she goes!

Smoothies: This is perfect and takes two seconds. One tablespoon coconut oil blended with your favourite smoothie ingredients and poof, done! Instant breakfast with a kick.

Oil Pulling: I’m obsessed with this. For those of you who haven’t heard of oil pulling let me explain. Take a spoonful of coconut oil, put it in your mouth and swish it around for twenty whole minutes, spit out and you’re done! Oil pulling is said to have a bunch of health benefits, some of which I have already noticed. These include but are not limited to: teeth whitening and overall better oral health, improves skin problems like acne, acts as a general body detox, improves sleep patterns and allergies.


Hair Mask: There are so many variations you can use. I like to keep it super simple. I scoop some coconut oil in a bowl, microwave on high for about 45 seconds and spread it evenly over my hair. I usually leave it in for a few hours and then rinse and shampoo normally.

Shaving Cream: Lather. Shave. Rinse. Repeat

Eye make-up remover: To remove eye make up, swipe some on a cotton pad and press on your eyelids before wiping.

Oil Cleansing: I know it seems counter productive to rub oil on to your skin in hopes of improving your complexion but I am in love with the results. I apply a thin layer to my face, take a hot shower and then wipe off. You can also apply a warm face cloth instead to open up your pores. Keep in mind there are other types of oils you can use for this based on your skin type.

Moisturizer: Winter months wreak havoc on my skin. I started using coconut oil last year as a nightly moisturiser and my skin is baby bottom soft and glowing.

Toothpaste: Coconut oil + baking soda mix until you make a paste. Place on toothbrush and brush in circular motion. Once done, do not spit in the sink as oil hardens at low temperatures so it could clog your pipes! spit it in a garbage can instead. Rinse with water and you’re done! This is not something I do every day, just once twice a week.

I hear coconut oil is good for our fur babies too! I have yet to look into this (I’m a crazy dog mom!) but once I do, I’m sure i’ll have Gretzky addicted too! I can probably go on and on about coconut oil and its everyday uses. I love that it has so many natural antibacterial and anti fungal properties. Typically a jar lasts me about three months, which is really good considering! Remember, not all coconut oil is created equal. You want to choose an extra virgin coconut oil that hasn’t been hydrogenated, bleached or refined. Lastly, think about all the money you’ll be saving. So go nuts!! I’d love to hear about your own uses for coconut oil! Comment in the section below.



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