I’m ENGAGED! Of course, if you follow me on any of my personal social media outlets then I’m sure you were already well aware. I mean, I can’t help it! I never thought it would be possible to be so obsessed with my hand! If I’m not gawking at my ring finger then I’m busy having too much fun referring to Todd as my FIANCÉ! The past few months have had us literally living in our own bubble, and I swear I’ve permanently  been on cloud nine ever since! But now it’s time to get down to business.
Although we haven’t chosen an exact date we know that we want to get married in 2018. First I was completely sold on a summer wedding, but now the more bridal shows I go to and the more time I spend on Pinterest the more I want a fall wedding.


Regardless, yes I know, pretty far away but honestly hear me out. First off, time flys! We’re basically going to blink and it’ll be 2018. Second, Todd is a hockey player. Meaning? We don’t spend 365 days together. For the most part, I’m here and he’s there and we never really know when his ‘last’ year is going to be! We wanted enough time enjoy the entire process of being engaged. I didn’t want him to feel bad that he wasn’t around to look at venues with me, taste all the yummy food, choose our wedding bands etc etc etc. This way, if he does decide to play another year we’ll have a full off season to get a lot of the wedding planning done and then I can tie up any loose ends. After all, I have had my wedding planned since I was like 10. But hasn’t every girl?!

First on the agenda: Proposing to my bridesmaids! Choosing my Bride Tribe was a no brainer! Before Todd and I even thought about getting engaged I knew who I would have standing by my side. These girls are my ride or die and I couldn’t picture my life without them. They’re also the only girls in the world that will be able to handle my bridezillaness (No Joke!).  Deciding how I was going to pop the question was a lot of fun! I knew I wanted to keep it cute and different without going over budget.  Naturally, I typed my key words into Pinterest and was met with a ton of ideas! I came across this perfect DIY project and I was completely sold. It was cute, inexpensive and totally out of the box! So me! Scroll down to see how I decided to pop the question!









This project was super fun putting together. All the little details complimented each other perfectly. The nail polish was a great personal touch ( I have OCD when it comes to my nails ) and with a name like “Meet me at the Alter” how could I not?! The boxes were an inexpensive and fun way to present everything! This DIY was a fun way to use my creativity (and Martha Stewartness, so yes, I’m aware I have a problem) and it was super cute and fun to watch them open it!

Now, since most of you have probably gathered by now, Chantale and I live in different cities and obviously I couldn’t get married without her! However, long distance has got NOTHING on our friendship.  Since she couldn’t be here for the ‘proposal’, I improvised a little!


I obviously sent her her own little package, I was just super worried the balloon wouldn’t hold, but it did! It did end up  surviving six days in the mail. But  I didn’t want her to find out I had chosen all my bridesmaids without her being involved! I’m so excited to begin this journey with all of them!

I’d love to hear how you proposed to your girlfriends. Share in the comments below. Have any advice for me? Drop me a line. Follow me on my personal accounts! I’ve linked them below!

I’m so excited to share my wedding planning process with you guys!

Have a great weekend!

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Pinterest: @amandasantosxo


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