Okay beauties I don’t know how it happened but we’re already in December! Does anyone else feel like Christmas totally snuck up on them? This year flew by! On top of the busy holiday season,Todd’s birthday is December 21st, so I’ve already started to shop for him. That being said, can we please just take a minute and fully appreciate how beautiful online shopping is! Nothing better than tackling your entire list without leaving your bed (or your wine). There will be no battling for parking spots and no crowded shopping malls for me. No thank you! So, I’ve put together a few ideas to save you some time when searching for the perfect gift for your perfect guy!  Happy Shopping.


1. Daniel Wellington Watch | 2. Shave Kit | 3. Homemade Gin Kit | 4. Apple TV | 5. Go Pro Sport (on Sale!) |

6. Shift Work book | 7. Essie Chinos | 8. Weekender Bag | 9. Genuine Leather Toiletry Bag | 10. SAXX  Underwear | 11. Chuck Taylor All Star II



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