Sorry for the late post! Can you believe it’s already 2016?! Where did the last year go? Two days into January and we’re already so busy. With wedding planing, mom life and owning my own business sometimes finding time to pee is a challenge! Ok, I’m totally rambling…


Where my Boss Mom’s at??

Remember when we didn’t have kiddies and New Year’s Eve was all about the champagne showers and kissing someone – literally anyone at midnight?

Safe to say that if I didn’t have my littles my life would clearly be completely different and who knows I would (maybe) still be doing that. Isn’t it crazy to think how different your life could’ve turned out if you would’ve taken a slightly different path…..

 As most of you have already probably figured out, I’m mildly obsessed with my children. So naturally we decided to ringin’ the new year popping apple juice with our two little besties.

We started our evening off with a trip to see ‘The Good Dinosaur’. Kids are obviously a good excuse to be able to hide your adult obsession for Disney movies. Also I can’t believe that movie is rated G! We loved it, it’s definitely a must see!

After our movie we decided to grab a bite to eat at Boston Pizza mmmm- I mean clean eating starts January 1st, right? So, naturally we indulged in the greasiest food on the menu.

After hitting up Boston Pizza, we grabbed the kids fake IDs and headed out to the club to ring in the New Year.

I’m TOTALLY kidding..Kinda

We purchased a bunch of  fireworks and made our way to the backyard to Club Krahn (<– Our last name, duh). Sitting on the snow covered river bank watching the “popcorn” pop – as Carter so adorably says. Although, that lasted a whole 60 seconds until the boys decided it was more entertaining to whip snow at each other’s face. Bonus, nobody started to whine about snow in the face, boot, mitt or about being cold so it was a win! We’re all about the small victories here!

Living with a hockey player means a homemade skating rink which takes up your entire backyard and is literally 5 steps away from your back door! In a house with three boys, I’m totally out numbered. So, if Matt says we’re getting a skating rink, well then, we are totally getting a skating rink. After all, we can’t train future Winnipeg Jets prospects without one!

We decided to top off the night with some Wii bowling. Carter whipped our butts with scores of 153 and 162 and no im not kidding I didn’t let him win- Im not one of those moms…sorry.

Apparently the little guys didn’t want to hang with us old folks and  after 5 minutes of them being extremely quiet (which normally means trouble) I went to check, only to find them passed out, lights on in bed together (insert sappy mom moment here).

After the boys put themselves to bed (winning!) we watched the infamous Dick Clark’s New Year’s Eve special while indulging in junk food- again clean eating starts January 1st, so why not stuff our faces. Matt and I fought to stay up until midnight, we managed (barely) but by 12:02 am we were in bed.

Although our New Years may seem boring to some, to me it was our best one yet. Whatever it was that you ended up doing to greet 2016, I hope it was nothing but the best! I’d love to hear how you spent the New Year, comment in the section below!

Cheers to the New Year loves!




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