What is modern motherhood? Is this even a realistic possibility?  I constantly asked myself these questions at the time being childless…

Scared to death and worried that becoming a mother would signify bags under my eyes, mom jeans, and running shoes. I was prepared to say “Ciao” to my beautiful heels and skinny jeans that I so much adored.  I was excited and nervous to take on my new life make up, heel , and purse free. My purses as many moms warned would be replaced by those awful diaper bags with monkeys and elephants displayed on the side. My life had taken a new toll, and I had a new purpose. As many reminded me I was now a mother, and I became second place to everyone including myself. As I stared in to space letting my mind relax (as us moms know happens a lot! haha) I realized my mind was playing catch up..

I knew there had to be another way! I began exploring this “modern motherhood” that many at times question. I love my heels and purses too much to let those things go! I love style, my style and I couldn’t come to terms with letting all that go. Fashion and style was such a big part of my life and I needed it. Now, that may sound a little ridiculous to some, but I’ve always had the philosophy happy mommy, happy baby. How was I supposed to be the best me to my daughter without me feeling like I was the best me?  I’m still relatively new to this mommy journey, I love the new title that has been added to my resume, I’m a powerful fashionable, stylish, mommy!


 I believe that many women are at times stuck on the belief that because you’re a mother you cannot be as stylish or fashionable as you once were. Yes, with having children comes messiness, and trust me I have learned. But sometimes that apple sauce stain is all your outfit needed to make it pop! Haha I myself have come up with several rules. I guess they are more like guidelines to keep me well balanced to be the best mommy I can be while staying true to my stylish self.

Here are a few tips that I use in my daily life that keep me balanced:

  1. Set a day apart that works with your schedule to do self-maintenance. We all need some TLC sometimes.
  2. Update your wardrobe; even if you’re on a budget choose items that are versatile.
  3. Make time for your significant other, or that special group of friends that make you feel empowered. Keeping strong health relationships is key for a healthy mommy!

On raising a bilingual baby: Being a strong Mexican –American women with a strong sense of culture, I knew I had an obligation to raise my child with a strong cultured background. Starting at a young age I knew it was essential to raise a bilingual child. Living in a predominantly English speaking country I knew it would be hard. I wanted my daughter to enjoy and have the benefit of speaking a second language.  At the current age of 15 months my daughter is bilingual, speaking and understanding both Spanish and English.

On teaching my daughter bravery:  Every day I strive to teach my daughter these important core values. I want to be able to raise a strong, brave, independent child, that is fearless and who always chases her dreams. I believe that the most important gift that I can give my daughter is the sense of independence and core values that will allow her to be a courageous little lady and face all her fears with confidence.


There is a reason being a mother is the most challenging yet rewarding title that a woman will have. Even the best of us wish we could use that sick day lol, but of course that doesn’t exist! That is why I admire and strive to be the best mother to my little lady without losing sight of my own passions and dreams. It is important to remember the term “MOMMY”, is only an additional title to the wonderful things that a women already is. Being a woman is powerful, now being a powerful, modern, mother is a triple threat.  I always preach never lose sight of who you are in the chaos that is the daily life of a modern mother!





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