Happy Fri-Yay!
If you didn’t hear, which I’m sure you did (If not you live in a bubble) yesterday was National Drink Wine Day! As if we need any more excuses.
I know it’s one day behind us but it would be rude and obnoxious for us not to acknowledge it.  After all it was Thursday yesterday and with work, school, kids, and everything else, we still had to adult (insert eyeroll here). Once the kids are in bed it’s fair game and all the responsibilities are out the window…. LOL Fine! I’ll keep dreaming but until then I heard a glass a day keeps the doctor away, and if you can fit the whole bottle in one glass then YOLO (yikes). Alright, alright I’ll stop. Let’s get started.
Have a Kick-Ass Girls Night:
Chick Flicks: This is obviously just a given! Line up the rom-coms and tear jerkers. Basically, any movie based on a Nicholas Sparks book that will have you forcing your boyfriend to recite ‘If you’re a bird I’m a bird lines’ will totally do. Oh, anything with Ryan Reynolds, Brad Pitt, Chris or Liam Hemsworth is good too!!
Dress Code: Let’s get real who wants to stuff their face wearing jeans and a blazer. No shame in my game, I’m wearing sweats and a tee. If i’m going to indulge in all the calories I want to be comfy!
Chocolate, loads of choc-o-late: I mean I want e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g made of chocolate. There are three times you have an excuse to eat chocolate and not feel guilty.
1. Valentine’s Day
2. While pms’ing (gimme that chocolate and don’t even think of giving me a look)
I’m talking chocolate covered almonds, strawberries, cherries, peanut butter balls, pretzels, the list is endless. Just throw chocolate on almost anything and it’ll make it edible.
How To Make These Chocolate Kabobs Here
How To Make DIY Cupcake Fondue Here
How To Make This Chocolate Dip Here
Salt, Salt Baby: Chips, party mix, nuts (the edible kind), popcorn. Catch my drift?
How To Set Up A Popcorn Bar Here
Take Out: Nobody needs to know and honey I am not cooking! There are a ton of simple and yummy recipes out there but personally I like to stick to the staples: Wings, pizza, and lots of dip. Girl, I know you eat salad all week, but it girls night.
 How To Make These Taco Bites Here
 IMG_5771editPhoto Credit:
How To Make This Cheesy Bacon Spinach Dip Here
How To Make This Chicken Alfredo Pizza Here
Drink, Drank, Drunk: No girls night would be complete without some wine. For those of you who aren’t wineos, no worries wine usually turns into caesars, rum and cokes, vodka and cran…tequila..followed by a spinning room and some good quality floor time. It happen’s to the best of us.
Red-Apple-Sangria-95 Photo
How To Make this Red Apple Sangria Here
Champagne Margarita 4
Photo Credit:
How To Make These Perfect Champagne Margarita’s Here
How To Make This Fruity Wine Spritzer Here
Closet Swap: Out with the old and in with the new, well, kind of. What better way to get rid of clothes you no longer wear or want.  And it’s the perfect time to see if your girlfrand is getting rid of those jeans that make your butt look top notch. Do this before you devour too much wine though or things can get ugly.
Dance, Dance Revolution: Nothing says girls night like a little dance party. Bring out the twerk tape and get in formation. Don’t worry, all our dance moves start to look real good after a few cosmos. Plus, we could probably dance off a few calories…
Beautify: What better time to try out the latest new beauty regimens than when hanging out with your best gal pals! That way when you end up over plucking your eyebrows you’ll totally have back-up!
How To Make this Chocolate Face Mask Here
Basically, we use girls night as excuse to stuff our face and catch up on some serious gossip.  Like, is there even a better time to talk about the cute co-worker your crushing on for three hours on end? Didn’t think so.  If all else fails, remember, ALWAYS box wine for the win.

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