Rise and SHINE girlfrannnns! Happy Tuesday! Here in Toronto we’re coming off our first long weekend which means summer is SO close! Todd has been home for a few weeks now, and we’re finally getting settled into our off-season life.  We literally live for summertime, especially since we spend seven months in a long distance relationship. Our summer roster is stacked and I already know it’s going to fly by. Before I know it I’ll be packing Todd up and shipping him out for our fifth hockey season.

ANYWAYS- back to business.  I know I can’t be the only one who spends hours a day on social media (right? RIGHT?!), especially Instagram. I’m a real sucker for visually appealing accounts, and I always turn to the gram when I’m searching for inspiration for fitness, cute outfits and blog posts. So to kick off your Tuesday morning I’m sharing with you thirteen accounts worth taking a look at because, you really need another reason to procrastinate in the morning.

1. @_thefab3

2. @basebodybabes

3.  @vickysstyle

4.  @sincerelyjules

5.  @theeverygirl

6.  @cellajaneblog

7.  @theblissfulbrunette

8.  @tastetoronto

9.  @dogsbeingbasic

10.  @theclosetfromhell

Have a fab week lovies! 0001-104919117



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